50 Organic Horned Green Vein Capsules
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All natural, 100% organic Horned Green Vein kratom leaf powder in capsules.

50 capsules at 500mg each.


All Natural and 100% Horned Green Vein Kratom fine powder.


Botanical Kratom Inc. started with finding only the finest pulverulent Original Green vein available world wide for our clients. Botanical Kratom astounding Green Vein Kratom is truly marvellous accomplishment of Mother Nature.  Rated top Green Vein not just by our clients but also independently by some of the most respected people in the Kratom Community for the past 9 years!!




Any Product that carries our company name and logo must be the highest quality on the market. This is a promise we have made to our amazing clients.  When seeing our logo on a product evokes a sense of noir to our clients. This is why we at Botanical Kratom Inc. work so hard to ensure that wither your contacting our toll free number to enjoying your experience on our website to right at the moment you open your box to see your breath taking product you know you are in caring hands.




Botanical Kratom Oragnic  Horned Green Vein Kratom has become one of the best selling Kratom Veins. Any Kratom lover knows how amazing a well rounded Green vein can be. To ensure Botanical Kratom Green Vein Kratom passed our quality controls stight guindless was no easy task!! Passing the test to ensure safty is one thing but to ensure each bach passes DNA testing ( This is to ensure what we get is Green Vein and not another vein) and also to pass stability was another. You may ask why is stability testing so important? Kratom stability testing ensures that each and ever batch is equal in alkaloids. That way what you buy today is the same amazing Kratom as when you buy a year from now!


You have a right to have access to only the highest Kratom product on the market and our Organic Green Vein Kratom stands up to that challanege!


All our Kratom must pass the same test before any of our Kratom is shipped to our clients. Our Green Vein Kratom is one that all will enjoy.




Botanical Kratom Organic Horned Green Vein Kratom

50 Organic Horned Green Vein Capsules

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