Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder (25,000 H.U.)
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Cayenne (Capsicum annum) is a type of chili pepper also known as bird peppercow-horn pepper and by various other common names. The HU number refers to Scoville Heat Units, which measures how much heat-generating capsaicin is present - and 25,000 HU has some kick. To provide some context to that number, tobasco sauce has only about 5,000 HU.

Botanical Kratom's all-natural, organic Cayenne powder is sure to impress from the moment you open your package. Inside, you will find a wonderfully fresh powder with a deep red colour with a strong aroma.

Our customers demand, and we strive to provide only the finest organic Cayenne powder to the market. This drive to provide only the finest ingredients is the key component in not only developing, but also bringing only the finest in quality to the botanicals market. Providing the highest in quality is the guiding principle that underpins our values and the way we do business. Our organic Cayenne powder is no exception, and, like all of our herbs, is thoroughly and independently tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial contaminants.

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.


Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder (25,000 H.U.)

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